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In ancient Greece, boxing was a popular competitive sport and was included in the first Olympic Games. In Greek mythology, the Cestus was the first leather boxing glove that had spikes and razor edges on the back and across the knuckles.



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Company History


Gina Iacovou

Sestus Managementís CEO,

Says, ďBehind all great Women there are always great MenĒ



Mike Michael, Advisor     ďA warrior goes out on his shield.  A fighter works hard, never quits and always goes down fighting".





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For nearly ten years, the once-proud sport of professional prizefighting has been in steady decline.  Although the talent, heart and desire exhibited by the proud fighters remains as it has always been, poor decisions and shortsighted positioning have relegated all but the most powerful of figures on the business side of the sport to near-obscurity.  A lack of innovation, coupled with a lack of vision, has caused the sport to become stale.  As is often said, however, every cloud has a silver lining.  

The power vacuum in the sport has given way to an open field, and opportunities abound for anyone willing and able to bring focus and drive back to a sport that for so long has been without both. 

Cestus Management, based in Vineland , New Jersey , has thrown its hat into the ring, and fully intends to come out on top. Needless to say, Cestus Management is not just another boxing company.

Team Cestus is composed of professional business people, specialized in their respective functions, all focused on one all-important goal:  Lifting the great sport of professional boxing back to the prominent position it once held. The combination of quality, professionalism, a forward-thinking attitude and a keen business sense allows Cestus Management to take professional boxing in a direction most cannot.  That direction?  Straight to the top. 

Manager, Gina Iacovou, Advisor, Mike Michael & Mighty Mike Arnaoutis

However, Cestus Management isnít just about fighters; itís about the sport of boxing in its entirety.  Through its unique attention to marketing and public relations, Cestus is able to attract not only boxing fans but fans of all sports.   Cestus Management has time and again proven its ability to bring fresh life into a sport many previously considered to be all but dead, and high-profile figures both in and out of the boxing business are taking notice. With the clarity of vision that comes with having a plan and the ability to execute it, Cestus Management intends to be a force in the professional boxing game over the coming years.

 If achievement is the ultimate telling of truth, no entity in the boxing game speaks more truly than Cestus Management.  To accomplish so much in such a short period of time is unheard of in our sport, and the Cestusí journey is only beginning.   Cestus Management fully intends to revolutionize boxing, and to bring a truly great sport into the 21st century and back into prominence.  Will the road be easy?  Nothing worthwhile ever is.  But if the rewards thus far are any indication of the future, Cestus Managementís mission will be well worth the effort.